NYC queer and/or trans and/or ++ people in tech

Quiltbag? The acronym ‘QUILTBAG’ is like ‘LGBT’, but includes several words not listed there, like queer, intersex, and asexual. What about the ++? In some programming languages, using two plus signs is a shortcut for adding 1 to a number. We are using it here because even an acronym as robust as QUILTBAG will invariably leave out some identities, and we want to make clear that our terminology, like our inclusiveness, is not finite, but growing and changing. We are using ++ to signal our interest in making space for queer, trans, and ++ people in tech.

Who we are

We are a group of queer and trans people who work with technology, and we're putting together the kind of queer tech group we want to see in New York City: a friendly, gender-inclusive organization informed by the values of social justice and open source.

Next meeting Wednesday March 22, 2017

Meeting rescheduled due to snow! New date is Wednesday, March 22 at 7pm at ThoughtWorks, 99 Madison Ave, 15th Floor, NYC. Join us!
Previously: Better Than Nothing: A Practical Workshop in Digital Privacy for Queer and Trans People.

Join Us

Want to get involved with QUILTBAG++ Tech? Send us an email: quiltbagtech@gmail.com

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