Code of Conduct

We began drafting a code of conduct in our second meeting — before we got to anything tech-related — because we believe that cultivating a respectful, accountable, and ethical group dynamic is critical to working well together.  Our code of conduct is a work in progress, and a living document. It starts with our guiding principles and then lays out some initial guidelines. You can check out the full Code of Conduct Draft on our github wiki.


Guiding Principles

QUILTBAG++ NYC is a group that seeks to foster a respectful and accountable space. We want to provide guidelines and tools for being respectful, and in cases where that fails, guidelines and tools for being accountable. We acknowledge oppression exists in the world around us and we strive to avoid perpetuating these oppressions. We are working to remove barriers to participation for people who experience racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, transmisogyny, misogynoir, transmisogynoir, homophobia, femmephobia, classism, ageism, religious discrimination, ableism, fatphobia, and/or discrimination based on physical appearance, and avoid perpetuating these and other oppressions.


Initial Guidelines

  • Language that reinforces social structures of oppression will not be tolerated. (adapted from Geek Feminism)
  • Consent is key: obtain it before touching, taking photography/video, using sexual imagery/language/attention.
  • “If you get called out on something, apologize and learn from it” (via Double Union)
  • Respect different communication styles. Don’t dominate discussions; leave space for people who are more reserved.
  • No condescending behavior around technology skills. Approach people less experienced than you with generosity, not one-upsmanship. (Inspired by Recurse Center’s Social Rules)
  • No superfluous call-outs. Don’t call someone out just to increase your radical cred, especially if it’s not helping the conversation at hand.